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          July 20, 2011| Nachrichten

          Auger Torque’s Philosophy

          At Auger Torque it has been a longstanding philosophy to work intensively and direct with customers in the industry to continually improve their product range and come up with new features that make things easier & or safer on the work site as well as saving companies where it matters most, the hip pocket.

          With that in mind and despite posting global growth of more than 40% last year, Auger Torque is not too big to know that the little things are where it counts the most. The patented Shock Lock™ is the worlds only Auger Tooth Locking System that guarantees you won’t loose your teeth and with that your profit down the hole. Put simply if you lose your teeth while using Auger Torque’s Shock Lock™ system they will be replaced free of charge!

          Auger Torque’s latest product to hit the Australian market however, is their brand new XHD Trencher, specifically designed for use on Excavators, Backhoes and Skid Steer Loaders in the range from 5T to 10T.

          “The XHD range stormed the European market over the past 12 months and our dealers and operators put through its paces in locations as remote and tough as Siberia and Russia. We started development on this trencher nearly 2 years ago, fine tuning it in Europe working closely with the likes of JCB to come up with a trencher catering to operators that rely on the toughest, most productive gear money can buy. We are happy to now be able to offer these in Australia as well and have them on the shelf, ready to go!” Auger Torque’s Global Operations Manager Mark Rayner explained.

          The XHD Trencher has a huge range and is suitable for cutting trenches from 600mm all the way to 1600mm depth and 150mm to 350mm width, even in the most demanding conditions.

          A retractable Trench Cleaner Unit ensures that soil is directed onto the chain and carried to the surface, leaving the trench clear of debris. An auger mounted on the output shaft then pushes soil away from the trench leaving a neat mound, ready for backfilling.

          The XHD Trencher range is based around an Auger Torque Planetary Reduction Gearbox delivering powerful, high torque transmission to the cutting chain using a high end USA made Eaton Hydraulic motor which will ensure this attachment will be an asset to your operation for years to come.

          Auger Torque’s Australian Sales Manager Chris Wilcox was fortunate enough to attend one of the three biggest shows in the world this year, Con Expo in Las Vegas. He joined Auger Torque’s CEO Alister Rayner and other Auger Torque staff from around the globe. Auger Torque was the only Australian owned Earthmoving Attachment Company to exhibit at this years show. The saying goes ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ however Chris fills us in on the bits he can talk about:

          “Spending 9 days in Vegas with several other Auger Torque representatives from around the globe was a time that I will never forget.”

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